New Christian Fantasy for your Kindle!

From what I know of my readers and their kids, I have to believe that Joel Zartman’s new e-book, The Other Side of Garden Gate, is right up their ally.

I might even get a Kindle just for this as I doubt Eleanor will let me use hers.

Purchase. Read. Enjoy. Only […]

O-Files Q&A, Hymnology Edition

Subsequent to this post, I became embroiled involved in an email conversation which I present below (lightly edited for ease of reading and public consumption).

Q: What makes a hymn a hymn? Generally I think of hymns being “(usually old) songs in the hymnbook,” but you’ve gone and said this fellow is writing hymns all […]

However Cold I Be

This is one of my favorite Christina Rossetti poems. My wife and I occassionally sing the Craig Courtney setting in church. Oh, the longing.

None Other Lamb

None other Lamb, none other Name,
None other hope in Heav’n or earth or sea,
None other hiding place from guilt and shame,
None beside Thee!

My faith burns low, […]


My friend, Joel, has a great fantasy story, Skaftna’s Doom, appearing today at Yesteryear Fiction.

I have to believe reading it on a day that only exists once every four years makes it that much more fantastical.

Go check it out!

Approaching Perfection

Last night I read what may be the most harrowing sentence (of non-Biblical origin) I have ever read.

My dear, my very dear, Wormwood, my poppet, my pigsnie.

It comes at the beginning of the final missive that makes up C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.

Here one begins to understand the true nature of evil and […]

C. S. Lewis on Why We Read

I was going to include this in with another quote and do some whining about a third (related) topic, but I think this one ought to stand by itself.

Literary experience heals the wound, without undermining the privilege, of individuality.

~from An Experiment in Criticism.

Reading Plan 2012: The First Ten

One of my goals for this year is to read 52 books. That’s not a book a week, but 52 books in 52 weeks. A fine distinction, I know, but this way, no false expectations.

No further adieu.

1. The Chronological Bible. For starters, I’m not sure I’ve ever read every verse […]