Changes to The O-files

I’ve decided, for the foreseeable future at least, to take this website in another direction. Since I’m on Facebook now, I’ve got a place to post the family items and the occasional herptile picture, so, fear not, those won’t stop. And The O-files will be my place to concentrate on poetry, literature, and […]

Valentine’s Day Poem*

The lovely Angela found this in her card this year:

A Valentine’s Day Heartlooks nothing like the muscled pumpthumping behind skin and ribs;instead, its pointed symmetry resemblesmore an arrowhead which once, perhaps,graced one of Cupid’s mystic shafts–even that which left his grasp a nightfifteen years ago. (He turned his backbefore it struck; the arc it traced […]

Biblical Poetry: Entry 1

For a few weeks now, I have been carrying the American Life In Poetry column, courtesy of the Library of Congress and the Poetry Foundation. In addition to this feature, I would also like to occassionally bring you snippets of poetry from the most important book in my life, The Bible.

At the outset, I would […]

New Poetry Feature!

Many of you are aware of my renewed interest in reading and writing poetry. One of the writers that has helped to reawaken in me this love for words is former Poet Laureate of the United States (2004-2006), Ted Kooser. I would urge anyone interested in reading good modern poetry to start with his Pulitzer […]