Vicit Agnus Noster

Many (20?) years ago, I heard a song I’ve never forgotten. The production of the song itself was understated but trendy CCM. The words, however, stuck out to me as quite good, and I liked the melody.

This year I discovered that the melody is actually an older hymn tune, St. Peter (Reinagle’s), to which How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds is often sung. Those Christian pop stars can be crafty when they try!

Anyway, here it is for your edification. If the author stumbles across it, I beg his indulgence in considering this fair use as well as his forgiveness for omitting the latin chorus (which I didn’t really know how to punctuate).

The title (of the song and this post) means “Our Lamb has Conquered.”

Did Abraham himself not say
God would provide a lamb
To take instead the punishment
That should belong to man?

And so to humble shepherds
Was His glory first revealed,
And with His birth a covenant
Made long ago was sealed.

Out of His dark obscurity
The Light of God has shone;
And through the meekness of the Lamb
God’s strength would be made known.

The just and gentle Promised One
Would triumph o’er the fall,
And conquer by His own defeat,
And win by losing all.

~Michael Card

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