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Updated 03/22/2016

I have, in the past, generally emailed an ever varying cohort of friends and acquaintances whenever a poem or article of mine is published online. I’ll probably keep that practice up, but, in addition, thought it appropriate to provide a one stop page folks can check if they a)have any idea who I am and b)care to read my crabbed thoughts as inflicted on the nearest available medium. Actually, I guess the only real concern there is letter b.

I’ll list poems from the most recent one(which link will point to the contents of the publication) and work back from there (linking older publications directly). Interspersed between the linked online poems I include my print publication. The order of appearance here roughly approximates the actual publication order.

“After Your Surgery” at Stirring: a Literary Collection.

“Orionids” at Second Nature Journal.

“The Juncos Return to Northwest Ohio” at Eclectica.

“Insomniac in Orange Pajamas” at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

“Song at End of Summer” at Fourth and Sycamore.

“O Apostrophe” at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily.

“Cosmos” at Eclectica.

“Anecdote No. 432” in Slippery Elm.

“Ten Years Later” at Eclectica.

“A Reader” at Second Nature Journal.

“Credo” in In the Nick of Time.

“Always in Season” in Stone Path Review.

“Vision in Late September” at Bindlestiff.

“Olenus to Lethaea” in Melancholy Hyperbole.

“Hearing Bly Read” in Second Nature.

“Following a Summer Afternoon Storm” in Lilliput Review, Issue 170.

“Sport on the Oconaluftee” in Flycatcher.

Two Poems in Eclectica.

“A Breif Note on Sovereignty” in Ruminate, Issue 26.

“Oxbow” in Foundling Review.

Four Poems in Chagrin River Review.

“Neighbors” in Verse Wisconsin.

Three oceanside etudes in Three Line Poetry.

Two untitled haikuish things in Three Line Poetry.

“Lauds” in In the Nick of Time. (Poem appears at the end of the essay.)

“On a Street Corner” in The Findlay Courier.

“Prelude, 1974” in San Pedro River Review Spring 2012.

“Anniversary” in Numinous: Spiritual Poetry.

“Autumn in an Ohio Cemetery” in Hobble Creek Review.

“Memorial to One Weary of Joy” in Rock and Sling 7.1.

“New Year’s Day” at Right Hand Pointing.

“Chrysalis” at Victorian Violet Press.

“Having Forgotten My Notebook” at Eclectica.

“Alewives” at Foundling Review.

“In Praise of Coffee” at Autumn Sky Poetry.

“Pendulum” in Tar River Poetry.

“The Crucifixion of St. Peter” in Ruminate #21.

Two triolets at

“Aubade” and “New Year’s Day on a Country Road” at Camroc Press Review.

“Reveries While Clearing Snow” and Romanza at Willows Wept Review.

“Sotto Voce” at Canary.

“Memento” and “Coronation” at Hobble Creek Review.

“Muse, Incognito” read (awesomely) by Nic Sebastian at Whale Sound. (I recommend prolonged perusal of that fascinating project).

“The New Earth” in Ruminate #18.

“Wristwatch” at Umbrella.

“Birthing Myths” and “Pseudotriton ruber at Minnetonka Review (a print journal, now sadly defunct).

“Death of a Kindergarten Classmate” at The Orange Room Review (on indefinite hiatus).

“Bailout” at Every Day Poets. This was the first poem for which I actually received cash payment– three whole dollars.

“Moving” in Dash.

“Muse, Incognito” and “Mudpuppy” at Eclectica.

“All Out, All Over” in Red Wheelbarrow 2008, National Edition.

“A Weekly Apocalypse” and “Another Flesh” in Ruminate #6.

“Neighbors” in The Courier (Findlay, OH).

4 comments to Curriculum Vitae Loco

  • Joel

    Thanks. Shall look through it sooner or later.

  • d4v34x

    Your promise instills in me both joy and fear.

  • Joel

    Quite the nature lover. I miss being able to wander in it here.

    I like it all, some very memorable lines and figures, except Bailout which defied me. Do you do more formal verse and not publish it, or just stick to the wild and free which grows like the uninhibited woods of the USA?

    By the way, there is a straight link to New Year’s Day at RHP.

  • d4v34x

    “Bailout” was a rare and perhaps ill-advised foray into the political–reaction against the too-big-to-fail crisis. Thanks for the kind words on the others.

    I’ve written mostly free verse because the writers that drew me back to poetry were Kooser, Oliver, Bly, Kinnell, etc. I’ve experimented with some forms. Did ok with the triolet and some villanelle attempts, but abominable at sonnets. Form is something Wilbur, Justice, Jarman, and others are inspiring me to spend more time on, though.

    As for the direct link, I plan to leave the main page link to the issue while it’s current so people might read more of or the whole issue, not just mine. After they archive it, I’ll probably go with the direct link.

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