Reading Plan 2012: The Remaining 12

Most of these are old friends.

Republocrat by Carl Trueman. Really enjoyed it when I read it last year. Rereading because I promised SharperIron a book review.

The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway. Since I’m revisiting the Lost Generation (although I refuse to attempt Tender Buttons) I figured a […]

Reading Plan 2012: The Final Ten

Breif update. I have finished The Wild Iris, An Experiment in Criticism, and The Pearl. I continue to work through The Chronological Bible and The Complete Husband. I have begun Till We Have Faces. I need to spend more time reading.

Back to the rundown.

Phantastes by George MacDonald. This probably […]

Epiphyte Bytes

From the general to the specific:

1. Calling all would-bes, has-beens, and wish-I-coulds– Wanna be an artist? Steal like one.

2. A. E. Stallings’ manifesto on rhyme. Rather contra mundum.

3. A solid poem on the incarnation. Simple, rhyming, moving.

C. S. Lewis on Why We Read

I was going to include this in with another quote and do some whining about a third (related) topic, but I think this one ought to stand by itself.

Literary experience heals the wound, without undermining the privilege, of individuality.

~from An Experiment in Criticism.

For What Ails You

God be in my head, and in my understanding;
God be in mine eyes, and in my looking;
God be in my mouth, and in my speaking;
God be in my heart, and in my thinking;
God be at mine end, and at my departing.

~from the Sarum Primer, 1558

Reading Plan 2012: Ten III

By now y’all know how this works.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I really feel like I’ve done my time with the Lost Generation crowd (which I understand Steinbeck wasn’t really in, but I always group them together anyway), but I picked this up at the library for my sons, and Joe read it […]

No End to the Pleasure

I enjoy Robert Bly. He’s not my favorite poet, although he’s written some very good poems. But I’d say he is my favorite reader. I think it’s that grandfatherly voice–accepting, encouraging, admonishing.

You can hear him here and here.

A tease from the second link:

Our good life is made of struts
And paper, like those […]

Reading Plan 2012: Ten #2

Yes, I purposely made the title as confusing as possible. Continuing on.

Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer. I think my dad had this book in his library before he heedlessly dismantled it. One of several I ignored in my philistine pursuits, despite the once easy access. It or he […]

Reading Plan 2012: The First Ten

One of my goals for this year is to read 52 books. That’s not a book a week, but 52 books in 52 weeks. A fine distinction, I know, but this way, no false expectations.

No further adieu.

1. The Chronological Bible. For starters, I’m not sure I’ve ever read every verse […]

Curriculum Vitae Loco

Updated 03/22/2016

I have, in the past, generally emailed an ever varying cohort of friends and acquaintances whenever a poem or article of mine is published online. I’ll probably keep that practice up, but, in addition, thought it appropriate to provide a one stop page folks can check if they a)have any idea who I […]