How’s that for a polynomial?

So we are 7 days (or 23 percent) into National Poetry Writing Month, to which I’ve committed. I’ve written a poem four of the seven days. If I finish out the month flawlessly I’ll have 27 poems. I don’t even want to think about makeup poems. […]

NaPoWriMo Update (Good Friday Edition)

I’d just thought that you’d like to know that I have so far made good on my National Poetry Writing Month commitment.  Of course, we’re only two days in . . .    At any rate, I’ve been considering I Tim 1 for the last couple days, and, through my thoughts this Good Friday, it became the seed […]

The Just for the Unjust

I have to work today, Good Friday. I wish I didn’t–it seems crass to go about business as usual, working, laughing, etc. But I will be worshiping in my heart, mourning who I was and am and rejoicing in what God did for such an undeserving one as me. I hope you […]