Bonus Poetry Post!

I had Romans 8 in my daily devotions a few weeks back, and had cause to meditate on the portion about suffering in this life vs. the glory of the next. Eventually these thoughts led to a poem. Enjoy.

Glory Past Comparing
Consider, all who suffer;
    let this your sorrows heal:
a glory past comparing
    in us God will reveal.
This hope is our salvation;
    His promise we believe
and with anticipation
    await, though yet unseen.
Though now, with all of nature,
    we groan beneath the curse,
be confident, enduring
    these “pains of childbirth,”
for soon will our adoption
    as God’s sons be complete.
O, happy realization—
    our Savior we will meet!
Rejoice!  Though now we suffer,
    all sorrows God will heal,
 and glory past comparing
    in us He will reveal.
 Rejoice; sing Alleluia!
    Lift up your downcast face,
 and to all those around you
    declare His glorious grace.

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